Since 2009 this Workshop provides opportunity for studens and engineers every year to share latest research topics on coating science in Asia. The official language is English.


<1st ACW> ITRI, Hsintsu, Taiwan (2009)
chair:Prof.Ta-Jo Liu
<2nd ACW> Seoul National University, Korea (2010)
chair:Prof.Kyung-Hyun Ahn
<3rd ACW> Kitakyushu International Conference Hall, Japan (2011)
chair:Prof.Masato Yamamura
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<4th ACW> National Taiwan University,Taipei (2012)
chair:Prof.An-Bang Wang
<5th ACW> Korea University, Korea (2013)
chair:Prof.Hyun-Wook Jung
<6th ACW> Kobe University, Japan (2014)
chair:Prof.Yoshiyuki Komoda
ACW2014 web site. Program-2014
<7th ACW> Institute of Industry Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences (IIT, GZ&CAS) , Guangzhou China(2015)
chair Huang Xuejie
ACW2015 web site. Program-2015
<8th ACW>Korea, May 12-13 (2016)
chair Jaewook Nam
ACW2016 web site. Program-2016
<9th ACW>Japan, May 17-18 (2017)
chair Susumu Inasawa
ACW2017 web site. Program-2017
<10th ACW>Taiwan, May 9-11 (2018)
chair Ying-Chih Liao
ACW2018 web site.
<11th ACW>Korea, May 8-10 (2019)
chair Jaewook Nam
ACW2019 web site. Program-2019
<12th ACW> is postponed to 2021 in Noto, Japan
chair Kentaro Taki
ACW2020 web site.